Engineering PSC welcomes our aspirants to join our course on OVERSEER GRADE 2 (KWA), TRACER (KWA) & SOIL CONSERVATION. This examination can be written by ITI holders, Diploma holders and also BTech Graduates. Last year KWA Overseer grade 2 & Tracer offered around 500 plus seats for the all two departments and next year it may increase to more no of seats, therefore there will be enough opportunity for our aspirants to achieve this. Sincere dedication and hard work will secure you high marks for the examinations, from our side we provide online recorded classes done by our expert IIT/NIT faculties which covers all the portions regarding the examination. A systematic training for each courses, practical training, and previous exam paper reference etc which will help and guide our aspirants to achieve high scores and to onboard you for the job in an efficient way. Prepare for your exams well and kick start your career with our team. The course duration is till the end date of each exams.